Month: April 2009

A Little Something About Going Bald

To be completely honest, I have no problem going bald. My hairline has been receding since late high school, and I knew it was coming.  Forget the mother’s-side story, everyone male in my family is bald. Depending on which side of the family you get determines your fate: Either a receding hairline that thins on top, or a balding crown. My brother and I each got one.  He got the bald patch.  He’s almost 21 and it’s starting for him too, but he isn’t happy at all. Stress plays such a huge role in it.  I don’t think people...

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A Little Bit About Shifting Gears

It has been a hard week. My parents were meant to come down to visit over this long weekend, but as we know, nothing goes off without a hitch.  My dad went to the doctor on Monday with really bad stomach cramps.  He spend 6 hours there before he went in for an ultrasound. They chose to first take blood samples, (which give results in DAYS), as opposed to doing the scan right away. Even after they said he could go, the great staff waited 2 hours before attending to him. After the eventual scan, they diagnosed him with...

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A Little Bit About Pretending To Repair

I’m not entirely what I am sad about, but it must be something right?  I actually don’t have a reason to feel crap – Things are generally good.  I think it’s just mopey time. I really miss the ex; I think it’s mostly her company and closeness more than anything else.  But, we still have that now.  Surely after all the fighting and pain, that goal that we both fought so hard for must be there.  Bullshit.  It’s worse now than it’s ever been.  I told her, after the new boyfriend thing, that I wanted and needed space. I...

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