It has been a hard week. My parents were meant to come down to visit over this long weekend, but as we know, nothing goes off without a hitch.  My dad went to the doctor on Monday with really bad stomach cramps.  He spend 6 hours there before he went in for an ultrasound. They chose to first take blood samples, (which give results in DAYS), as opposed to doing the scan right away. Even after they said he could go, the great staff waited 2 hours before attending to him. After the eventual scan, they diagnosed him with appendicitis, at a late stage, and would obviously need surgery.  When they finally took him in, the appendix had just burst and his heart rate was sitting around 180 bmp.  Fun times. They cleaned out most of it, and said it wasn’t too bad.


He stayed in for 2 days and was discharged on Wednesday.  That night he had fever and pain.  Needless-to-say, he had an infection, and the trip was officially off. My poor mother trying to manage everything in her panicked state was also not the best person to talk to as she sounded like things were worse than she was letting on. Eventually the anti-biotics kicked in and the mild infection and fever went away. Today, he’s doing better and well. There were no other complications, and they will try come down next weekend for a while.

That hospital back home is a dangerous, scary place. I would not let anyone have any procedure there, unless it were absolutely necessary. People go in there for knee surgery and end up in a morgue because the triple bypass was unsuccessful. What bullshit.

My little hiccup of a few days ago is over, too.  (Read this if I make no sense).  I think I need to admit defeat, and say that I was, in fact, a whiney little bitch about it all. Moment of weakness. Moment passed.  Maybe it’s just because I was feeling shitty then or ’cause I’m feeling okay now, in this moment, but the sadness definitely causes my brain to behave strangely. But, as I assure myself, this is perfectly normal behavior.  The brain plays tricks on you because, and let’s be honest here, your heart is stronger – It takes over all control.  I think that place that I want to be with her is slowly being reached, though. There is still a lot to be done, but I’m beginning to think that all the drama and crap was/is worth it. At least, I hope I’ll be able to look back and say that I’m glad it happened this way.


So, all this, coupled with work’s busyness and pressure, along with the STUPID idiot at work that won’t stay at home when he’s sick, has culminated and left me house-bound with a bad cold on the long weekend. Ideal, I know.  But, why, why, why do people insist of going into public places when it’s not necessary (and shouldn’t).  They are more than welcome to stay at home and do whatever it is they do at home. These things include, (and are in no particular ranking order):

  • Being sick with flu – Stay at home, I don’t want to hear you sniffing and coughing and spluttering all day and spreading your bad virus.
  • Body odour* -After sports, maybe. Even after a looong day, maybe.  But I still don’t understand why this happens in everyday life.  Go home.
  • Bad breath – I know that this can affect anyone, anytime, but when it’s the same person, day in and day out, go see someone. Please. [This also includes garlic breath. Why someone insists of finishing that entire tub of garlic when you eat out is beyond me.]
  • Public affection – Okay, stop. Breathe. Alright, read. I think there is a time and place for everything. Public affection is sometimes very well placed. Like when you’re on a bench in an empty park, under stars. When you are at a live sports game, it is not right to spend a good part of the game sucking face in front of me.  Dude, I know you thought it would be cool to have her here, but this is sport time.  Maybe leave her at home next time. Or even better, leave you at home, I’ll look after her.
  • Bad hair styles – This includes mullets, mohawks (sorry @GrumH (-:), lamb chops, and other hideous facial hair styles.  If you must see what it looks like, do it at home, take a photo, then ask for everyones approval before engaging the public with it.  [This idea came from my one semi-flatemate]

[*On the subject of odour, I had to include this somewhere.  I have a flatmate that smokes, and he does this outside. On Thursday night, we had a few people over, and it was quite festive in the lounge.  Not wanting to be left out, we reluctantly let him smoke inside.  There was a breeze running through, so any doubt about the walls smelling of smoke were gone. Next day, lying on the couch, too lazy to move any more, I am hit with the stench.  Turns out my head was centimetres away from the table that had his ashtray on it. Eau De Cigarette, for the connoisseur. Lovely.

I have been inside the whole day, which is making me go a little more mental than I ordinarily am, but I have signed up for a cricket game tomorrow, that i WILL not miss – Geek Cricket – So I have administered a good dose of self-medication and will be okay for tomorrow, as well as Monday’s Coke Zero Fest.

But this post is about positive things, (and a little venting), so, to be normal: things are good.  I am rather grateful for the time to sit at home and do nothing. It’ll let me slow down after the last few months and relax. It’ll actually help take my mind off all of the above.  Recovery/Repair level complete.  Moving on to next level.  Yay for me.