Women are beautiful.  It really is that simple. Whether you are male or female, we all know this. Personally, it’s not the body that first attracts me.  Well, not directly in any case. Some women don’t realise how beautiful they are. They see what most people expect them and tell them too. “Does my bum look big in this?” Perhaps, but when last did you look in the mirror and see how enchanting your eyes are?

Unfortunately, in this day and age, most people are out and about looking for that stunner, and being honest, we all want that stunner, but the sooner that people realise that their perfect person in their head doesn’t actually exist, the better.  I am at a point where I’ve got a girl that keeps suggesting that I come over for a drink.  I say suggesting when really it was, “do you want to come over and bend me over the bath?” The only reason I haven’t? Because I too can be shallow.  I am not normally in this frame of mind, but for certain personal reasons, as you have read before, I am on a sabbatical. =)

I am an all out a breast guy.  I love everything about them.  But, to put all myths aside, size really doesn’t matter.  Bigger is not necessarily better.  “Size isn’t important if the curve is beautiful”. In fact, I think smaller is sexier, but when it comes to noticing a girl, the first thing I see is her hair.  Hair is so important.  I don’t have some weird fetish or anything, but if a girl has pretty hair, it says a lot to me. I will always prefer long hair, but recently, I have learnt to appreciate short hair more.  But long pretty hair that shines is normally attached to a pretty face. Or a pretty brain. And on some rare occasions, both.

Eyes are also under-appreciated. Eyes are the window into the soul.  Ha ha, yes, I did actually just say that, but only because the cliche is semi true. (Aren’t they all??).  I was talking to a tweep earlier, and she seemed to think that her eyes were dull and boring because they were brown. What nonsense. Eyes really are beautiful, and the colour is inconsequential.  Sure, bright blue eyes grab you faster, but there’s no reason why those brown eyes don’t hold you for longer. Big, bright, pretty eyes, with just a touch of mascara and eyeliner grip you for a little bit longer before the owner of the pair walks passed and is lost to the memory and added to the file of wows.

Don’t get me wrong, there is little better than a girl standing there in peek-a-boo hot pants and a semi see through black bra, but sometimes, there’s something else before all that.

So just remember, there are a lot of other visual things that get your scrutiny and make that person beautiful before other things.  Hair, eyes, arms, mouth, or hands.  The usual bum/boobs/face/legs.  Or, if you are this way inclined, feet, ears, nose or even boep. Mine is hair, what’s yours?