For anyone that has ever attempted to maintain a blog, you will know how much this sucks. My blog is still very new, and in the couple of months that it’s been alive, I’ve been stationary a few times already. And if you have never experienced this, you’re either lying to yourself or are truly gifted in the art of talking shit to anyone that will listen.

writers block

This is not to be confused with writer’s block. Writing is easy.  With blogging, you have to be really good, else your hit count will drop, and once it’s down and out, there is little that will bring back a disinterested person.  Spectacular comebacks are so ’90s.

I must have at least seven posts sitting here in their special folder, waiting to be finished. Half of them need to be rewritten, and some of them just need a little love, but even that is proving difficult. I know exactly what I want out of each post, but getting the message across is just not happening.  I either start story telling, or just putting words on the page, which is honestly not an answer.

So this is really just a force to get something out and up on the blog and trying to remind my brain exactly how the words should come out. So come on brain, get rid of all the farts. In the words on Mills Lane, “Let’s get it on!”