Month: June 2009

A Little Bit About Getting Back On The Horse

This whole rodeo is a tough sport to be in.  They say that the best thing to do is get back on the horse, though.  You’ve just fallen off, bumped your head on the ground, you have a bit of a headache, but you’re okay.  You give it a couple of days, that was a hard damn fall.  However, there you are, a week later, riding away happily.  Things are going really great now.  You are having the most awesome time.  Things are feeling really good too, and you are settling into a rhythm that you could ride with forever.  But then the horse decides it’s PMS is too bad this month and bucks wildly.  You’re thrown badly off it, landing awkwardly on your shoulder, and you hear your clavicle snap.  The horse doesn’t run away, no, it comes back, sees you riling on the floor in pain, and proceeds to trample all over you, breaking 3 ribs and fracturing your left leg.  You also have a concussion.  You’re broken, both physically and emotionally, and you never see yourself ever riding again. But now, weeks pass and you miss it.  Badly.  You miss your horse.  The way it galloped in a technique only you could fathom.  And it had the most beautifully groomed mane.  But that bitch broke you.  And you never forget.  So you try a few other...

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A Little Something About Platonic Relationships

Friendships are strange things.  I have some-600 friends on facebook and I predominantly try only add friends if I could actually sit down and have a drink with them.  I should actually go through and cut some ties.  There is this one guy that has added me a couple of times and each time I reject it. I don’t like him.  We are not friends. Doesn’t he get the hint?  But, strong friendships generally take a while to get going, and friendships are incredibly special.  They keep us going through the worst times and make the good times even...

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A Little Bit About “The Um-Friend”

So, a friend approached me the other day with a conundrum.  She has this “friend”, whom she’s likes, but the guy seems to have something stuck in his processing pipe.  Through discussing it further, and with much frustration, we decided that posting it somewhere would be the best option.  So, dear followers, read on and please leave feedback for her. And just for the record, um-friends are overrated. I don’t want another Um-friend. There have been some posts done by BlindCripple that I have really related to.  In being a silent lurker but a personal friend, we generally discuss them in private and not on his blog.  One of his more recent posts entitled ˜A little bit about being single had me reeling.  At last!  A boy who finally understood and put into words how I felt about being single! You see, I sit on the other scale of the spectrum.  Firstly, I am a girl.  And secondly, up until very recently I have been single by choice.  The first part of the sentence still rings true. I am very much single, but not so much by choice anymore. I’ve met a boy.  He’s awesome in every way I’ve always overlooked in men.  Nothing like I’d usually go for.  For starters, he’s nerdy.  He’s nerdy and nerd-like and has lots of pent up sexuality that other girls seem to...

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A Little Something About Sexy Twitter Girls

I recently posted a new article on about the Top 10 SA Twitter Babes that I interact with.  It was actually quite hard.  There are a lot of hotties online and some I really struggled to leave out.  I think they’re all sexy in some way, and would love to see your comments and feedback. You can read it...

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A Little Bit About Being Single

It’s been a while since I wrote about The Ex.  I suppose that’s a good thing, though.  But, as you can tell from my last post, I do miss her.  A lot.  I have carefully kept my distance, despite that, and also, maybe stopped caring a little more.  She had called me one night, drunk, telling me how much she missed me and Cape Town and that she really wanted to visit. I reminded her about her boyfriend and all that.  Water off a duck’s back.  She spoke to me twice the next day, which I thought was completely weird.  The first was to apologise, about her behavior the night before. She tried calling a third time later that night, but I was in  movie. But come the next morning, there was the phone call.  She had broken up with him.  Now don’t get me wrong, as happy as I want her to be there, I was giddy with excitement.  I do not, and can not, see her and I together, but this suffering made me feel good again.  I spoke to her a lot that weekend.  She needed me again, and that is just the person I love to be. But of course, the joy was short lived.  She and penis-head had patched things up after she re-evaluated her life and such.  What a load. That was about...

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