Month: July 2009

A Little Bit About Forcing Issues

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged about anything, but that hasn’t been without trying.  I have 3 or 4 other posts sitting here that have been started, but they’re such crap, I doubt they will be finished.  Even this post has been started three times, and more-so, the title has been changed twice to match the content.  It hasn’t really been writer’s block, as such, but more just not being able to.  Basically, I’m pretty useless.  So, here I am, forcing it out, making it happen, no matter what, not (too) worried that the end product might be crappy.  Just doing it. These last few weeks have had me happy.  Like really, proper happy.  It’s weird because a friend that I had met on Twitter saw me last night and said I was quite a miserable person.  I didn’t really like that, but it was good to get the external perspective.  (I guess).  But, in reality, it didn’t really bother me. I’ve started feeling single.  Like properly I can go out and do anything and not care about anyone else single. It’s nearly a year on, and I have finally moved into a place I am happy about.  I have my cupboard doors completely  covered with photos, and I spent a while removing the ones I thought were okay to be there.  I was told they weren’t,...

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A Little Something About Failure And Success

Everything in life can be measured by failure and success, whether it’s business, love, social acceptance, anything really.  The difference comes in as to how you measure it, but that is never easy. It all really depends on your reference points.  Let’s look at love, for example:  I date a girl for 4 years and it breaks down and we end things.  This is a failure from my side if I never wanted to end things, but if someone my age looks at it, someone who has never held down a relationship for longer than a month, then it could be perceived as a success. I have not been feeling myself for the past few weeks, and I’m not really sure why yet.  Pretty sure it’s a combination of things as a whole, as it most often is, but that doesn’t mean I should be beaten.  However, the most pressing issue eating at me right now is failure. Twitter has shown me a lot of things, and one of those things is how bloody successful a lot of young South Africans are. Don’t get me wrong, these people have worked damn hard to be where they are, (I presume so anyway), and we should all be so lucky to have that skill and motivation to get there.  I haven’t had the easiest road along the way, but I hate...

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