Month: January 2010

A Little Something About Hiking Hungover

After a hike up Lions Head on last Friday, a friend in the group decided that a Table Mountain outing would be in order.  There were just too many locals in the group that had never done it.  It was agreed that Skeleton Gorge would be the best idea.  It’s not too difficult and would only really take the morning to do.  And we had Wednesday as a public holiday.  Perfect.  But there are several tips that you’ll need to know if you’re thinking about doing something similar.  Please read the following list very carefully.  These tips will be...

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A Little Bit About Going Out

People are funny.  Especially young, single people.  Generally, people in their earlyish 20s don’t really know what they wan’t out of life, let alone out of a particular person.  I’m not saying I do, I’m just at a much better place where understanding of myself and what I want is a little easier. Going out recently, I did some observing.  Now, I know every club is different, but this is still very applicable.  It’s funny when you’re the only sober person amongst the booze filled drones.  You see things you wouldn’t normally see.  You notice how desperate some people are for tail.  It’s different when you’re in the chase.  When you’re all completely smashed.  You really only have one agenda. The guys think they can get away with anything.  I look at the dance floor and there are a lot of guys touching girls.  But the girls like it.  I see the drunkest guy approach a girl.  He splashes her with his drink.  He says she’s too hot.  He then walks away.  It’s corny, and sleazy.  She loves it.  Her and her friend go all giddy.  It’s ridiculous. The guys are like hawks.  They stand around the circular dance floor.  Some hunt in packs, others just lurk.  They stare, presumably looking for a target.  It’s all quite primitive.  I’m waiting for them to pull out a club, bang a...

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A Little Something About 2009

It’s been a good year for me. It really has. What started out in the worst possible way has really moved onto a great year. This year was always going to be about me, and it has been.  It was about growing and maturing and all that other stuff, and I think I have.  I know what I want out of most situations and can be comfortable with me in almost all situations.  The year has been good. • I moved into a new home, where I am very happy • I semi-learnt to be single • I’ve learnt how to be with myself, and know myself more • I’ve learnt not to care when I shouldn’t be stressing • I’ve learnt to love Cape Town more. Not because I’ve done more, but I just appreciate it more • I went to gym more time this year than last year. (as long as it’s more) • I worked very hard this year and it showed with a new positional promotion which I am very chuffed about • Of course, there are a few things I shouldn’t list here. But they were good too 🙂 • I’ve seen two of my best childhood friends get married • I’ve been best man to my best friend at his wedding • I’ve learnt that some things are unforgivable • I started blogging...

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