It’s been a good year for me. It really has. What started out in the worst possible way has really moved onto a great year. This year was always going to be about me, and it has been.  It was about growing and maturing and all that other stuff, and I think I have.  I know what I want out of most situations and can be comfortable with me in almost all situations.  The year has been good.

• I moved into a new home, where I am very happy

• I semi-learnt to be single

• I’ve learnt how to be with myself, and know myself more

• I’ve learnt not to care when I shouldn’t be stressing

• I’ve learnt to love Cape Town more. Not because I’ve done more, but I just appreciate it more

• I went to gym more time this year than last year. (as long as it’s more)

• I worked very hard this year and it showed with a new positional promotion which I am very chuffed about

• Of course, there are a few things I shouldn’t list here. But they were good too 🙂

• I’ve seen two of my best childhood friends get married

• I’ve been best man to my best friend at his wedding

• I’ve learnt that some things are unforgivable

• I started blogging

• I restarted tweeting

• I’ve started my photography hobby more seriously, and loved it.

Realistically, these are my goals for 2010

• to manage my time more – Although, this really isn’t bad at the moment

• to take more photographs

• to blog more

• to save more money

• to buy a car – early in the year

• to be more out there with women – This is the next step

• to bungee jump Bloukrans

• to stop wasting money

• to go to shul more

• to lose 7kgs (and not put it back)

• to stop giving unecessary “charity”

I personally think those are pretty gettable. So, here goes another year!