Month: February 2010

A Little Bit About Couples

“Will you marry me?” Okay, so maybe that’s a little extreme.  But only maybe.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the last few months have proven to be very successful for budding wedding ceremonies – From engagements to just the plain old two people getting together on a serious level.  I don’t know if it’s the water at the moment, but the couple bug seems to be going around.  Be aware! Now, I don’t want to be rude, insensitive, or otherwise, and I certainly don’t intend to offend anyone but, I am just going to remind you that this is my blog.  Now, in saying that, there is little worse than feeling slightly alone, and living with 2 people that are in new relationships. You know, the honeymoon stage.  Granted, one couple is more affectionate than the other, albeit, a lot more, it still makes a difference being there all the time.  I don’t think that they make it worse, maybe just aware. It was Valentine’s day on Sunday but, it doesn’t bother me.  What bothers me is that I don’t think I have met one person over the last 19 months or so, that I can actually be with.  That “can” has many connotations with it – They may include age, current status, location, etc. But the fact of the matter is that I want sparks. And...

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A Little Something About Competitions

In the final stages of The Nerdies 2010, 10 bloggers around South Africa have been selected to be part of a sudden show down to readers across the country to win some pretty cool prizes in the form of an online treasure hunt.  Up for grabs to the first four lucky treasure hunters: 1 years subscription to Connect Magazine, courtesy of Hypertext Media A Springleap T-shirt of awesomeness a Poken from Poken Africa And the fourth hunter will get a R150 kalahari voucher! So how do you win these things?  Each blogger will do a post on their site, with clues as to where they’ve hidden The Nerdies Idol inside their blog.  9 of these blogs will have fail Idols.  If you come across a fail idol, skip to the next blog until you find the winning idol. The bloggers are as follows: Once you’ve been to all the blogs and found the winning idol, there will be a unique code on that page.  The first four treasure hunters to either email the code, or DM it to @SheBeeGee if you’re a follower, will win. Simple huh?  Happy hunting! My clue: “Just because there’s a little bit of something there, it doesn’t mean this life lesson will be easy to get through” UPDATE: COMPO is closed. Please check...

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A Little Bit About Life Planning

When we were 10 years old, we used to play all those games.  You know the ones.  One, for example, was where you’d draw four blocks.  In one block would be the names of 4 girls – Prospective wives.  The other blocks would be filled with cars, cities and house-types.  Other games included preferred ages you’d be married at, number of children and career choices.  Of course, we were all married to the girl of our dreams, two children in arms, in a house on the beach in California, with 17 different sports cars in the driveway, the company that runs itself, all by the time we were 23. When I was 17, I had a plan.  I knew what I was going to study.  Where, how and why.  I was going to finish my A Levels at school, head off to UCT to study electrical engineering and take life on.  But life is constantly throwing curve balls.  Not all the balls are big enough to be able to see and avoid.  I didn’t get the physics mark I needed to be admitted into the engineering faculty, yet the science faculty would take me to, and get this, study physics.  More strange small curve balls were thrown and I had to leave UCT at the end of 2005.  It hit me as a bit of a shock, and I...

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