I am a bad blogger. There, I said it. I have a hoard of posts to write. Good ones too, but I just can’t get my ass into gear and do it. So it’s come down to this. A summary. Maybe of posts to come, or maybe just a filler. I don’t know. Just words.

My blog has been down for a while. The second time in a month or so. It’s annoying. And so I’m considering moving. In fact, I’ve already begun this process. Asking around, everyone has an opinion, and very rarely are they the same, so it’s one of those things where you make a decision and you’re that one example of that provider being crap. But we’ll wait and see what happens. In other news, however, my blog (me actually blogging) turned one.  Yaaaaay! I posted my very first blog post, Your Everything, on the 17th of March, 2009. I love my blog and was such a big part of getting to where I needed to be, and hopefully, will continue to be that.

I went on a desert adventure into the Namib desert a few weeks ago. For this, there will be at least one post on just to share some of the experiences, because it really was a spectacular one.  This photo here is from there.  You can check out the other pics on my Flickr page.  Go check ’em out.

And, in a complete turn of events, I may have met someone. Okay, no wait. I have met someone. I’ve met a lot of people. But this one is very different. Silly girl is crazy. And walled off. And unsure. And apprehensive. But so am I. We’ve spent a bit of time together. Know absolutely nothing of each other, yet you wouldn’t think that looking at it from the outside. But, I must admit, it’s weird being in this situation after so long. And it’s been a very, very long time since I’ve been in this type of thing. The beginningness, and unsureness and high, ummm, energyness. It’s all very new to me. Each new relationship is different as you get older. You learn to be a new person each time. You grow up, and are educated just that little bit more in life. So it’s new, different, and freaking exciting. She must just open her eyes and realise not all boys are stupid.

I’m in the process of buying a car. I’ve only been looking for seventy million months, but I have finally found one. All I need now is for the current owner to transfer the car into his name from his bank’s and then I send the docs away. I’m hoping it’ll be done next week, and I will be the proud new owner of a silver Polo. I am very excited about this, but the stress given to me during has been a real pain in the ass.  My poor brother will now get the Ratmobile… I should really get the clutch fixed for him.

Work is going well. Mostly. Sort of. The work-load type has changed, and I’m not sure if I was ready for it. I’m spending a lot of time in the office, and seeing the same people every day is taking it’s toll. Not that they’re bad people, but we’re a small company, and a change would be nice. I should really start taking a lunch break and getting out. I should also find a way to deal with problem employees. They’re just adding to the stress at the moment.

Cricket is finished for another year. Sad but true. there is, luckily, another geek cricket match coming up soon on the 18 of April. Love the socialness of them. I think I’ll bowl at this one. I haven’t at the last two and I feel I should see how many I can get.

This is my first year since 2002 that I will not be playing rugby. I’ve hung up the boots. Last year, I was still playing in the internal league at UCT, which is really decent rugby, but I think it’s enough. Besides the fact that my one knee is really playing up, I got concussed again last year. Granted, they’ve all been mild, I actually don’t know how many I’ve had, coupled with the two broken noses (nosii?) (yes, I know I only have one), I think I had better stop before something bad happens in my head. I can already hear my mom singing. Rugby is a contact sport, you’re going to get hurt, so I think it’s enough now. But what the hell am I going to do during the winter? I’m a team-sport person, and will only gym when I get off my ass, so I need to figure out something. Touch rugby will hopefully still happen, and I’m thinking of joining a 6-down team, which is great for fitness, but we’ll have to see.

And on that note, winter is quickly approaching, and I’m very excited. I love Cape Town winters. I love the rain and the cold. The evenings are beginning to get cooler, the days are shorter, and the sun has begun its angular descent. It won’t be long now.

I’ve planned a holiday at the end of April to Plett. We went last year and have never been so relaxed, except this year it clashes with something else I really want need want  to do. I’m a little bit confused as to what to decide, but a decision needs to be made, one way or another. What would you do?

So, I think that covers all the randomnessness that has happened recently. I’ll try not let friends telling me that my blog is boring affect me so much again. That kinda stops you from wanting to write. But I assure you, there will be posts coming. In the meantime, read some older ones 🙂