Girls and boys are very different. I mean, besides the obvious physical side of things, we’re completely different. Our brains are built the same way, but they’re not. Girls go to the bathroom together, for goodness knows what. To be honest, I can’t even pee if there are other people around. The long story, short, is that we do not think the same way. Girls are crazy. And it’s that simple.

As you know, I recently ended things with someone after a few weeks. But before I did, I was witness to some of the most malicious, childish behaviour that I have ever seen. 13 year old girls would have been embarrassed about it.

The girls in question had no right to do what they did. They think they do, but they never did. They were mean, stupid, and it was completely unwarranted. She was nothing but lovely. They will never have what she had. They were, and never will be, even close to what she had.

I have lost all respect for them, if in various cases, there was any to begin with anyway. But, I don’t know the full story. There is lots missing, but I have enough to be able the write this with some certainty.

I didn’t handle the situation properly when it happened. I didn’t really know what to do in that position. I was surrounded by some people I call my friends, and I didn’t want to create any more tension there. But I know I didn’t do it well.

Then, there was the ensuing public conversation. The not-so-cryptic Twitter messages; the smses talking about us. All this lovely behaviour that most people get out of their system at high school when you first start dating.

I’m not perfect, I know this. But generally, when it comes to other peoples’ feelings and well being, I know how to behave like an adult. My rant is now over, and please excuse me if I have been too cynical and harsh.

“Jealousy makes you nasty, nasty makes you ugly, ugly makes you fat. And nobody likes the fat kid!”