So, it’s official. I’m going to be a model. Please note, however, that I am not going to be a schmodel. They are very different creatures and need to be treated as such. Schmodels are the types that hang out in flashy bars and clubs, but will refuse to be seen in the skank that we all love so much. Schmodels will wear only the latest fashions – my jeans from January will definitely not do. Schmodels have only the biggest attitudes; they are always right; and most importantly, they are the hottest thing in the world. Ever.

You get the picture. No one wants to be a schmodel. But Breadline Africa have done something special. They’ve put together a bunch of some good looking geek types and are throwing us on the runway for us all to be MODELS, all in the name of charity.  I am lucky enough to be in some special company.  Contrary to public opinion, I will be one of the guys this time.

Th show takes place on the 26th at Bree Street Studios’ Daylight studio. There are only 100 tickets and cost R170 each, which is really nothing to see us geek types showing off – And besides, what opportunity will you have to come have a really good laugh at us all?! Please go check out the Breadline Blog for more details about getting some tickets.

Hope to see you all there.

Finally, a special thank you to Robyn Hobson for the awesome photo in this post. Normally, I would use a photo I’ve taken, but I don’t have any model photos. And, she’s a real model, not a schmodel, plus a geek to boot 🙂