As you know, I generally don’t like stupid people. There are varying levels of it, and here is another one. Sure this guy is just expressing his view, but I think he’s being an idiot.

This is my response to Anton Taylor’s article, his article he wrote:

My my my, but aren’t you bitter. You are a lot younger than I am, so I presume you were not at UCT when I was there, and so you probably weren’t around when IKEYS got their famous win against the Maties back in 2004. It was an epic clash in the usual spirit that most rivalries are known for. I see you went to Bishops, so you should be aware of rivalries. They’re often very intense. Hard. Bloody. And yet everyone wants to be involved in it.

I remember going out to Matieland one year for the Intervarsity battle. With my girlfriend. And you’re right, we were treated with the same indignity that you mention. I was pushed into the fences, and jeered, but you put on a brave face and wait until the lady is out of ear shot before you tell them how their sister was the night before. These things happen. Young kids such as yourself should know that when you’re drunk, people do stupid things.

It’s quite ironic that you speak about the drunken debauchery that is Stellenbosch, yet your fully open facebook profile has wonderful photos of you heaving from you having to drink the pain away.

UCT is better academically, no one is taking that away from you. But it’s all been taken down to zero when you assume that it makes you a better person just because your rich parents were able to push you into the schools you so desperately wanted to fit into. You’re only leaving a bad taste in the mouth because of your attitude towards another institution. It’s like saying Bishops is a better school than Gray because you spend less money than they do for rugby. I don’t think so. I’m sure many UCT students agree with you, but this would only fuel the fire of getting beaten by an even bigger margin next time around.

Your racial slurs are on the same par as one Julius Malema. You two have far more in common than you’d realise, the brain not being the only thing missing, but the inability to see change where it’s due. Your bad attitude is exactly why there is still a problem in South Africa. Yes, Stellenbosch is an Afrikaans community, but that doesn’t make them racists.

Please excuse me if my writing is not up to scratch, but I didn’t do a BA in creative writing. Maybe I’ll get one of the Stellenbosch students to draw us a pretty picture to help you understand it more.

I’ll end off with a list of horrible people that have graduated from Stellenbosch with their finger-painting degrees:

Bayers Naudé – Anti-Apartheid activist

Brian Currin – Human Rights Lawyer

Casper de Vries – Comedian

Danie Craven – Rugby player and administrator

Edwin Cameron – High Court Judge

Friedel Sellschop – Nuclear Physicist

Johann Rupert – Founding trustee of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund

Lourens Wepener Hugo Ackermann – one of four judges on the Constitutional Court of SA.

Sydney Brenner – Nobel Prize winner.

But you’re right, don’t go to Stellenbosch University, why would anyone want to be as big as these guys…

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PS – I’ve attempted to post replies as comments on his post, with no luck.


Anton has submitted a video as a response.  Honestly, I think it’s very clever on his part, and also clarifying that he was trying to make a joke out of everything.  I still stand by what I’ve said here, but his words in the video has some merit; perhaps it was too far, but I’m glad he responded.