Ballet is an art I cant really understand. The dancers do the most amazing things with their bodies. Ballet can be used to strengthen the body more than most gym sessions. When we were in high school, our rugby coach suggested going to ballet to help with our game, even.

I’ve been to a few ballets over the years, and I know to respect the skill and athleticism that the dancers have. Β It’s an art that is beautiful and amazing to see, and you’ll want to be able to at any chance.

But, The Cape Town City Ballet is in serious need of some help. They are in a time where sponsorships are low, and they’re struggling to stay afloat. There is an incredible initiative now in place to try and help them through the blogosphere.

Because fighting causes are worth it. Because, for no other reason but to keep one of the oldest arts alive and kicking. Click on the banner below and quote the reference NT1 while you make your donation, and also stand a chance to win some pretty awesome prizes too.

Save Cape Town City Ballet