No, this isn’t about your spirit, or losing your confidence.  This is far more important and pertinent.  This is about the penis.  Plain and simple.

A friend of mine recently brought up the topic of guys in bed.  As you do.  Anyway, we got onto normal behaviour – Like what is normal and what isn’t.  And if it’s normal for a guy to lose his, ummm, mojo during sex.

In all seriousness, however, there are circumstances when it’s “okay” when this happens.  But let’s be honest, a guy going soft is only good after sex.  And you know as well as anyone, that sex without a hard-on is pretty damn difficult.  But not all hope is lost.  And I don’t mean dusting off the old buzz-maker.  There are reasons why it happens, which means you’ll be able to fix it.

Now, there are two cases here:  The during and the before.  They’re unlikely to be affected by all the reasons. So figure yours out quickly so you can be back in there. *cough*

Reasons guys go soft are pretty simple and logical.  And I hope I’ve got them all here:

Drugs – This includes alcohol, and is probably the most common amongst young adults with all the drinking and pot taking.  But this also includes medicinal drugs that will effect your erection status.  Things like blood thinners are probably not a good idea if you’re trying to impress someone for the first time.  Neither is a week’s worth of mary jane.  Just saying.

Stress – This will affect guys of all ages.  If you’re that stressed out, sometimes a good bed session will help, but sometimes your mind is so far away, that it’ll just make things worse.  Work on getting your brain together.  Thing will be okay.

Fatigue – Purely tired.  Worn out.  It’s simple, and possibly the easiest thing to fix with a good night’s rest.  And morning sex is a great way for you to make it up to the ladies.

Guilt – A big one.  The guy is feeling iffy about something he’s done.  Be it cheating, lying or eating that extra piece of cake.  Whatever it is.  If you’re feeling guilty, get it off your chest.

Inadequacy – This may be caused by a number of things.  If she’s abusing you in some way, or if you’ve got the impression you’re just not big enough.  But relax, as long as you know what you’re doing.  And if she’s beating you around either physically or emotionally, and it doesn’t get you off, then run.

He’s just not into you – I’m sorry, but not all guys are shallow and able to shag anything that walks.  If you’re not his type, then it’s gonna be hard.  Well, not really.

The crux of the matter is that it happens.  Even to the best of us.  It really does.  And as confident as you think you are, it’s going to happen to you.  And will probably affect you more because you’re so arrogant about it.  So keep it chilled and try take it easy when it does happen – That goes for the both of you.  Don’t take it too seriously.  If you do, it’ll only make it more uncomfortable.  Talk it through.  Understand each other, and you’ll be fine.