There are, as I see it, about 3 days to go. Three days until the first ball is kicked in the tournament proper. There have been a large amount of friendlies at the moment, and I’ve already heard people say they’re sick of football. But, to those people, i have bad news for you – This is only the start. People are only going to get more crazy, and more involved. And if I were any more excited, I might explode.

I am a big footie fan. I am a proudly Man United supporter and support England football. It might be hypocritical, but only their football. I can’t stand their rugby or cricket sides, and love to see them lose, but the football side provides me a proper, realistic chance of a win, and as an United support, I feel it’s okay. I am fully behind Bafana, but they can not win the cup.

Anyway, the long and the short of it, I will be supporting England. And like their cricket and rugby sections, the football side is one where others love to hate them. But it’s okay, cos this time around, we have some masterclass players! Like Rio and Theo. Hmmmmm… Or not so much. Walcott wasn’t selected and Ferdinand has been ruled out by injury. In saying that, I still have full faith in the squad that Capello has put together.

While we’re on the subject, there are a whole horde of big names that aren’t going to be here. My biggest is Ronaldinho. While I wouldn’t be supporting the Brazilians, nor seeing any of their games live, I fail to see how you can not select such an influential player of his skill calibre. Other’s include: Cech, Modric, Arshavin, Ibramovic who’s country’s did not make it to these games. Ballack and Beckham who are inured. Riquelme, Benzema, Nasri, van Nistelrooy, Arteta, Cambiasso and Ronaldinho who were simply not selected. It boggles my mind. That doesn’t mean there won’t be big names here. I’m lucky enough to be going to all the group games here in Cape Town and will be seeing Rooney and Ronaldo, amongst others, which makes me very happy inside.

I’ve never been one to write about a trending topic purely for blog traffic. My blog isn’t about that. I wrote about the Taylor incident because of how I felt, and I write this for the same reason: Passion. My only concern is that it’ll be over and gone far too soon. There is so much excitement about, but good things tend to pass quickly. And what will happen to the rest of the country after the “world cup will save us all” phase? Hotels are no where near fully occupied now, and there will be new, overly large stadia spattered around the country that will never again be full. But this is now. The gees that everyone is talking about must have hit everyone. And if not, snap out of it, and embrace the love of the game, even if it is for only a few weeks. Besides, this is Cape Town. Out town. People hear about our city from all over the world, and now you get to show them just how amazing it is. Yes, football might not be for everyone, and maybe a good party isn’t either. But feel the passion. Enjoy the vibe. Embrace it. Cos we’ll all be a little sad when it’s gone.

Here’s some of my car gees.  I hope you have some too.