I generally don’t get angry very easily. I tolerate most things, even when I shouldn’t. So, when I am angry, you should know that it’s something that I really care about. But right now, my fuse is so short, it’s growing out the other end.

As my friends, you should know I’m going through one or two things. You should know my gran is very ill – Someone who I am very close to. You should know this is bad enough. Then, of course, I’m dealing with getting through each month, money-wise. And then, like most people, I have work going on. Something that is taking most of my energy. ย There is a lot happening. Every little thing is effecting me. ย I am not where I want to be. ย My mind is sad.

I say these things because apparently I need to. I’m over being taken for granted. I’ve had enough of it. Sometimes it’s not about you. I’m not asking for it to be about me, I’d just like some consideration before things are done. I don’t need to explain it more. If I need to, then it’s really not worth it.

I feel I’m heading backwards, somewhere I really don’t want to be. So, if I snap at you now, I’m probably sorry, but it’s likely that you deserved it. I’d just appreciate a little leeway and space when I want it.