Month: July 2010

A Little Something About Memories

I’ve just finished watching the brilliant Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I’m a big Jim Carrey fan and he’s constantly reminding me why in films like this. It’s definitely one of those movies that leaves you thinking about all sorts of things, and if you haven’t seen it, you should. But, if you’re going to, I would certainly suggest maybe not reading this for fear of a spoiling it for you. It centres around a young man and woman that each clear their memories of each other because of her unhappiness and his anger that she did hers. All is well until he’s going through each memory before it’s erased and he realises that he doesn’t want them erased, and this got me thinking – Why would anyone want to erase a memory like that… Or any memory at all? A memory can be found in several ways. It can hit you when you’re least expecting, by even just the smallest sense being touched. And our past, is our past. For the all the hurt and pain, there is also happiness and ecstasy. And most importantly, it makes us who we are. We learn from our mistakes, and we grow. And, I can’t help but think that without these memories we’d be bland drones, all on auto-pilot. One of the many noteworthy quotes was this: “I wish I...

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A Little Bit About Being Right

So here I go again.  This is I think number four of me starting this post.  That normally never happens, but this time it just wasn’t working before.  Nothing was flowing and I was distracted by the situation, whether it was anger or something else.  But now there are people shouting at me for not writing enough, and they’re right.  I’ve tried to post, but I’m still not sure it flows as it should, but anyway… I’m always right.  I’ve always been right.  But just once, I wanted to be wrong.  I wanted every feeling to be wrong.  So I went to the party.  I went with the intention of being a nice person.  And hoping for the best.   And I did.  I put all doubt aside, (mostly), and went.   But I was right.  Everything I had told my mind and my friends were right.  Oh, the irony of how we used to argue that she was always right. I’m glad I didn’t try write and post on Saturday when I was so angry, because I would’ve probably been mean and brutal to the parties involved, but DTradegy cleared that up for me.  So I’m not going to be childish about this.  I’m going to tell the truth, because that’s what I do. Through my medium-crisis breakdown a couple of weeks ago, I spoke about ending things...

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