Dear Twitter,

I love you. You have been so good to me. I know I neglected you for so long after I first met you, but that was only because your inner beauty was still hidden to me. Since I came back to you in early 2009, you have given me so much joy.

A shoulder to cry on

Yes, when I was a bucket of uselessness after being ripped to shreds by an ex, you brought me back to life and even helped me grow stronger

A date

While some say you’re not a dating site, you are one of the best ways to find people. You have let me meet new people, some of which allowed me to be me, and some that allowed me to take them out to wine and dine. And some that just forgot about the wining and dining and led me straight into their rooms.


There are the most amazing people out there that you have shown me. Some of these people I could not live without now.

A Blog

Yes, without you, I would never have started blogging. I saw many blogs through you, and you gave me that one spark to start my own.  You’ve let me tell my story. People have learnt A Little Bit About Me.

A place to vent

You have let me bitch about every small issue which others related to.


You’ve let me win some pretty cool things once or twice!

There are so many other reasons why I love you, but this will do for now.

And, so to thank you just a bit more, I’ve added your new sexy tweet button here for people to tell everyone else just how cool you are.

All my love,