Month: September 2010

A Little Bit About Getting Along

As I’m sure you know by now that the 2010 SA Blog Awards are done and dusted.  And I’m sure you also know that there was enough controversy to make the ANC proud.  First, there was the weird way it was initially launched.  Some people had complained that they only found out about it very late.  Personally, I don’t see any other way it couldn’t been done.  Secondly, there was the nomination and voting processes where there were some bugs.  Then, there were judges (possible award winners that didn’t enter) that were dropped at the last second and left...

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A Little Something About Happiness

It’s been a long time since I blogged.  And the birthday post doesn’t count.  I mean really blogged.  About raw honesty again.  About how upset this has made me, or how angry that did.  But if I am being honest, it’s because I’m happy. People are ruled by emotion.  They’re driven by anger, intimidation and sadness, but also by happiness, confidence and lust.  ?It’s what keeps us fresh and worth the talk and company.  Without the emotion you’re just a hairy ball of nothingness.  I, most certainly, write best in the throws of emotions.  It comes out quite clearly in the posts I compose and each post will centre around those themes that are automatically included.  For me, this seems to be much easier with the negative emotions, and now I sit with happiness and I’m seriously struggling. Happiness is the second hardest topic for me to blog about only preceded by sex.  I can write maybe one post about it before it becomes repetitive.  And let’s be honest, unhappy people don’t like to read about happy people. Yet, they can always relate to the morbid and melancholy.  And despite this, happiness is the one thing man strives for.  And so, that’s the main reason why I haven’t blogged. Happiness has taken me.  That coupled with work and work and work, and new things and liking sleep.  It’s all come...

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A Little Bit About My Birthday

So, it’s my birthday again. They seem to happen every year, don’t they?! But I’m feeling great. Last year, I really did have a quarter- (or mid-mid- as I prefer) life crisis. I freaked out. I didn’t know what was going on with anything. But just a year later, and I can actually say I am happy. Sure, there are still things I’m not sure about, but in this drama-free life I’ve adopted, it’s things I know I’ll sort out when I am good and ready. I have had an overwhelming amount of messages today and I really appreciate...

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