So, it’s my birthday again. They seem to happen every year, don’t they?! But I’m feeling great. Last year, I really did have a quarter- (or mid-mid- as I prefer) life crisis. I freaked out. I didn’t know what was going on with anything. But just a year later, and I can actually say I am happy. Sure, there are still things I’m not sure about, but in this drama-free life I’ve adopted, it’s things I know I’ll sort out when I am good and ready.

I have had an overwhelming amount of messages today and I really appreciate it all. I’m not able to thank everyone, but please know I will be having a drink on you all tonight.

In this hectic time at the moment, I’ve had very little time to write, but hopefully it’ll calm down from tomorrow and I’ll be back to some form of interaction.

Never-the-less, as I said, I’m feeling great. The puzzle pieces are starting to finally take the correct shape and mould, but there are still so many still to find.

But for now, excuse me while I go have a drink…