As I’m sure you know by now that the 2010 SA Blog Awards are done and dusted.  And I’m sure you also know that there was enough controversy to make the ANC proud.  First, there was the weird way it was initially launched.  Some people had complained that they only found out about it very late.  Personally, I don’t see any other way it couldn’t been done.  Secondly, there was the nomination and voting processes where there were some bugs.  Then, there were judges (possible award winners that didn’t enter) that were dropped at the last second and left with nothing but twiddling thumbs.  And lastly, there was the dinner which was by invitation only.  While a high-profile dinner at an expensive restaurant is nice, what about the networking that this event is supposed to also be about?  Now, I’m sure there are a million other things that may have caused a stir, but with all the arguing going on, how does SA blogging actually plan to get a positive view from the outside, never mind the people that are blogging for the pure enjoyment and satisfaction they get from it.

I mean, you only have to look around the web at the moment to see who’s been moaning about it.  There have been winners, judges, non-nominees, and some non-bloggers have had their say too.  There were one or two pearler of posts and even a great video of Hitler not being invited to the event.  While I’m sure that a lot of the non-geeks would have no idea that all of this went on, and the blogging world is definitely a minority any way you look at it, but this will do nothing but shake things up.

Now, I don’t agree with all the things the 2010 organisers did, and how they managed everything, but, they did it.  They hosted the event.  They organised everything.  My only hope it that they do pull finger and learn for next year, where it needs to be a 3,000% success.  Never-the-less, congrats to all the winners and all involved to at least make the tequila taste good.

But the point is, with the way the Internet is in this country, as well as how small the grouping is, why the hell is everyone fighting?  Does it come from all the agencies where there is already a lot of tension? Why must there always be politics involved? Why can’t people graciously accept defeat when they were beaten and not bitch and moan?  Why does everyone’s ego get in the way?

Why can’t we all just get along…