Month: December 2010

A Little Bit About The Phone Conundrum

So I’m up for upgrade.  Except, now I’m in the position of getting a new phone and have hit a lovely brick wall of what to get. As a Mac user, the obvious choice would be an iPhone, but Vodacom don’t seem to have stock, know when they’re getting stock, nor even seem to care to be honest.  The other iPhone option would be to move to MTN, but after 6 years with Vodacom, I’m very happy with the services they offer.  I’m also a FNB customer and FNB and Vodacom work very well together.  And the way I see it, MTN’s AnyTime deal is pretty damn expensive compared to my current contract.  The final option would be to purchase overseas (UK or France) which offers it at a much better price than here, except I have to pay cash, which isn’t ideal. So this leaves me at the brick wall.  I either go iPhone, with some difficulty, or I go with something else.  And then again, it’s a choice of hardware and OS. It’s been two years of having a Samsung.  16GB of space.  Slide form.  8MP camera.  Great video quality.  And running the reliable Symbian OS.  Sure, it’s been great.  But it hasn’t.  I had to write my own iSync plugin to try sync up the contacts and the calendar as Symbian and Mac don’t gel.  After...

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Protected: A Little Something About Dirty Old Men

We all love and use social media.  The world would be a much more boring place without it.  And, we all use it in different ways.  There are the single moms, the geeks, the new-age business folk.  The list goes on and on.  The unfortunate thing, however, is that it also includes the old dirty man. I presume it’s always been hard being an attractive girl.  You get hit on by all the drunk men at the club.  Boys objectify you and search for photos of you nude online.  You’re forced to wear those horrendous breast holders.  You get...

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