Month: July 2011

A Little Something About The Last Few Months

So, it’s been a hard couple of months. That certainly has something to do with starting to write again. Funny how it’s so easy to write when there is an unsettled mind, yet, make it happier, it all dries up. And people don’t like to read how happy someone is. The happy people don’t care and the unhappy one’s get angry. But put a bit of emotion into it and people immediately either empathise to it, or sympathise. Many people struggle to write in a way that expresses what they’re saying and so by me writing, some people relate and it helps them understand things too. I’m not saying that I do this for other people, but it’s a perk, if you like. Let me not get you confused, I am selfish, this blog is purely for me. We all do things for a reason. I blog because it makes me feel better. I’ve missed it lately. Despite this, I don’t want to only blog now when I’m feeling a need. There will be something filtering down at some point, so there is hope. But now, I have missed it. Just over two months ago, my gran passed away one week after her 92nd birthday. By some miracle, I was there on her birthday. But eight days later, her kidney’s finally let go. She and I were very close...

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A Little Bit About A Prospective Return

Hello world.  Do you remember me?  Even if you did, I’m not too sure you’d recognise me.  So much has changed. I’ve been considering writing again for a while.  However, there’s a lot more to it than just sitting down and doing it.  When this first started, there was a purpose and a reason, and now, that reason is no longer there.  Or is it?  Perhaps it’s just taken a different form.  I know I’m certainly not the same person that began this blog and my oldest friends will attest to that.  But the power that writing has had for me has been playing on my mind.  I’d like to think that not many other people write the way I do.  Sure, there are other personal blogs, but very few of a man’s perspective or the brutality that I try get out.  The reason for this is simple; I struggle to speak these words, so I write them.  I don’t do it for the brutality, that’s just the way it is. And it has been a long time.  If you look over the last few entries, you’ll see that they’re not really part of this blog.  Some of them aren’t even by me but they’re there as I tried to take it a different route, without really pursuing that route properly.  So, I stopped writing altogether.  I’ve written a...

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