Hello world.  Do you remember me?  Even if you did, I’m not too sure you’d recognise me.  So much has changed.

I’ve been considering writing again for a while.  However, there’s a lot more to it than just sitting down and doing it.  When this first started, there was a purpose and a reason, and now, that reason is no longer there.  Or is it?  Perhaps it’s just taken a different form.  I know I’m certainly not the same person that began this blog and my oldest friends will attest to that.  But the power that writing has had for me has been playing on my mind.  I’d like to think that not many other people write the way I do.  Sure, there are other personal blogs, but very few of a man’s perspective or the brutality that I try get out.  The reason for this is simple; I struggle to speak these words, so I write them.  I don’t do it for the brutality, that’s just the way it is.

And it has been a long time.  If you look over the last few entries, you’ll see that they’re not really part of this blog.  Some of them aren’t even by me but they’re there as I tried to take it a different route, without really pursuing that route properly.  So, I stopped writing altogether.  I’ve written a couple of posts on overexposed, but that really can’t be compared.  But I think that’s where my therapy turned.  My new love is in the form of a Nikon D90, with which I take photos with every now and then.  And sometimes, they turn out pretty special.  When I’m feeling the need for a distraction, I submerge myself into editing or some web construction.   And, to be honest, I’ve actually learned to talk more.  More about things that I would’ve ordinarily written down, so perhaps I am growing up.  Some would disagree.

I spoke a lot tonight about my past and what’s happened in the last four years and it’s been an abundance.  Looking back, I have no regrets.  I see where I’ve come from and I understand it.  I’m not bitter about anything.  And I hold no grudges.  I haven’t always done things properly nor in the right manner, but I know why and I think the people realise that.  Or at least the ones that matter do.  I’ve also learned a lot about other people and their views on me.  There are some very odd people with very jaded lives.

So much has happened.  Yet, I’m not sure it’s any different.  I’m hoping that I write again.  I miss it.  But I’m not sure how to tackle this.  I’m not sure if I should keep trying to use my own photos as featured images.  I’m not sure if I should redesign the blog.  I’m not sure if I can be as open as I used to be; a lot more people know me, it’s not an anonymous handle anymore.  I’ve had a couple of people pushing me back into it, so that, together with my own intentions, have brought my fingers back to my keys.  Let’s just hope it continues…