Hi and welcome.

I’m a 20-something living and loving life in Cape Town.  This is my story…

I’m a tech junkie with a view on a life.  As the name might suggest, there are some eye issues and one or two injuries, but you can read a little bit more on that here.  You can also find me all over the web by looking here.

I have a love for sport, and still attempt to play some.  Friendship is important, so don’t screw it up.  I’ve just settled into my 20-something lifestyle, and where I feel comfortable, and I am loving it…

The blog covers almost anything and everything.  Posts might be spaced, or often, but they’ll keep you entertained.  So have a read, and of course, leave a comment…

Here are some things that were left anonymously:

  • I bite my lip when I am looking at something that excites me.
  • I am an amazing photographer but still battle to believe that.
  • One day, I know I will believe in myself enough. That day may or may not be today.
  • Arrogant people piss me off.
  • I beat the burger and I won. I’d rather shove it down the throat of fuckwits though.
  • Honesty inspires me.
  • Of all the things I believe in, the most important is that love exists in the most unexpected places.
  • I am amazing in the bedroom. As confirmed by public opinion.